Content Management

Content management allows trusted staff to update website content. This will save time and money. All content management agreements include a tutorial session.

The most often suggested system is WordPress. It is easy to use and update,  even for a novice.  Developers are busy making plugins to increase the core functionality.

Joomla! is also an excellent choice. The usage isn’t as easy as WordPress but it also has many extensions in development.

Drupal is geeky and requires more attention than most CMS scripts but it is powerful and also offers core packages for specific purposes.

There are many content management systems available online.  Some are open source like those previously mentioned and others are commercial applications that require paid subscriptions. Others are services where the user acquires an  account and logs in to update their site.

Open source applications often have add-ons that are offered in “lite” and “pro”  or “commercial” versions, and of course the pro version  will offer additional  features for a fee.  Most websites can be developed  very well implementing only  the free and light versions of  add ons.

You can test drive Open Source CMS Scripts at Their website offers both the administrative and front end user experiences.

Ytown WWW has experience with many of the CMS scripts offered. The 3 mentioned have proven to be long lived, attended to by developers, reliable and friendly with most host services. After determining your needs, recommendations will be made regarding appropriate content management options.

Beware of the instant, overnight and make your own website offers online.  These often don’t generate a suitable website and the “low monthly fees” to do it yourself often turn out to have hidden costs. cms2