Social Networking For Your Business or Organization

facebok-iconWith a service like  Facebook your “page” can generate “likes” from facebook users which will be seen by other users, who will also “like” and so on and so on. “6 Degrees”  – or  more likely 100.  A business or organization can easily post events and launch giveaways.  And if the budget  permits there is also advertising available. There are also groups where members can discuss various topics.


Linked In is the professional’s network and it is beneficial in that  connections can “recommend” each other and the members can establish very detailed descriptions of their skills. Linked in offers business interest  groups and is essential for connecting with other business  professionals.



Twitter is all about short messages. ‘nough said


Pinterest is becoming popular. Users are offered  pins that are related to items in their own pin-boards.  The chances of connecting with your target audience are very good..




Google has been continuously evolving, from groups, to buzzing hives to overlapping  circles.  The technology is evident and the features are outstanding, especially the video sharing. Adding that “plus icon” to your content will be an asset to your search ranking.


Youtube is now part of the google network and is an excellent marketing platform if video is available for product or service promotions. Presentations and/or slideshows can be converted to formats compatible with youtbue – use of a video camera is not mandatory to include your content on youtube.



Photo sharing sites such a Flickr and arts sharing sites such as tumblr  have large followings.






Wikipedia has outlined social networking  including its history and even lists hundreds of global networks.  There are networks for artists, performers, crafters, even vampire enthusiasts. The membership numbers in interest based networks aren’t  as large as Facebook and Google Plus,  however, connecting with a group of people that have specific interests can also be beneficial to networking.

The downside is  taking the time to update these services. There are several options online that allow their users  to update several social networks at once.  Most that offer these services have a subscription fee but there are free alternatives as well. As with all internet activities, much time can be lost in using the networks for entertainment and many firms have blocked employee access to social sites.

If a business is looking for more customers or an organization more members it is  essential to establish a social presence. Ytown WWW can help when making decisions about social networking. Technical support for account set up and linking to a website is always included in website design packages.

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