Search Engine Optimization

The short of it:  Getting your web site into the search engines and ranking well for your niche.

This is done by presenting quality content along with prudent use of keywords and tags.

Links to your content are also  important and it is a good idea to partner with other quality websites to exchange links.  If your content is interesting or relevant people will link without agreements.  Unfortunately  on Google,  a major part of  ranking is related to sites that link to yours.  This is unfortunate because it has caused an entire industry of what are referred to as Black Hat SEO companies. These companies publish pages that contain lists of links to their client pages.  The upside is that rankings will go up.  The down side: if Google gets wise,  a web site will be penalized.  Don’t fall for the SEO  Black Hat trap. Ytown WWW does not stray from the standards that Google outlines. We’ll make suggestions regarding content/wording  and in some situations even domain name changes.

To learn more about  SEO,  please view this wikipedia article: Search engine optimization.